Wednesday, 27 January 2016

We want our Charlton back !

Passionate Protest by Charlton Supporters on Saturday

The petition against the current owner has now passed the 5,000 mark.  If CEO Katrien Meire's argument that the number of discontented fans is a mere 2% this means that there is an active Charlton fan base of 250,000!

However, if you take Saturday's attendance at the match against Blackburn of 13,512 that's 37% of fans (more if you exclude the away support).

Of course the true figure is a little south of this, with a number of Blackpool and Leeds fans having also signed the petition in sympathy with our plight. 

However, one can't argue that this is now a significant figure, and considerably north of our CEO's dismissive 2% comments.  You also can't dispute that there were 3,000 fans protesting after the game.

It got a little foggy
I'd get the calculator out Katrien, it doesn't look like maths is your strongest point.  Alternatively, rather than dismissing us you could try and be a bit contrite.  We all make mistakes and it's not too late for you and Roland to properly engage with the fan base and attempt to make amends.  You never know, it might also improve the club's financial situation.

However, as it stands, the recent media releases by the club mean that it looks like there is a long way to go before the CEO and distant owner are prepared to properly engage with fans and so the protests will go on.

If you are a Charlton fan and don't like the way the club is being run or the way fans are being treated then please visit the site above but do read the petition first before you choose to sign it.



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