Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Poisoned Chalice

So it looks like Karl Robinson is about to take the hot seat at the Valley.

I'm pretty indifferent about the manager these days but I'm amazed at why anyone would want to go and work under such a toxic management and ownership regime such as Charlton, so it must be a sign of desperation for anyone willing to take on the role.

It doesn't really matter who they are, we know the same result as long as our incompetent CEO Katrien Meire and meddling clueless and impatient owner Roland Duchatelet are in charge.

What should be more surprising is that the Charlton board would consider someone who also took their team down to League One last season and are currently languishing in the relegation places.

Instead of attending our FA cup fixture I will be hosting a Christmas stall selling my home made gin kits (see advert below) at the Woolwich Equitable pub on 3 December and will donate the cost of the match ticket to the Charlton Protest Fund.

For details of how to donate see here

Come and say hello if you're also not going to the match.



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