Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Article on Duchatelet's influence at St Truiden

John Chapman the Belgium football writer (look for him on twitter under @BelgoFoot, he is worth a follow) has been a good source of information on the goings on in the Duchatelet network.

While Duchatelet has now sold Standard Liege John still provides information on St Truiden.  The latest snippet is a report from Sport Foot Magazine.  You can read the original article here:-

If your language skills are a little rusty and you use Chrome as a your browser you can "right click" on the article to translate it into English, otherwise copy and paste into Google Translate.

The gist of the article is that it appears that Mr Duchatelet has a strong say in the running of the club despite St Truiden being owned by Mr Duchatelet's partner and him having no formal position at the club.

There are rules in the Belgium league that prevent the ownership of more than one football club so previously when he owned Standard Liege he could not be involved in the ownership or running of St Truiden.  However, now that Standard has been sold he could legitimately take over the reigns at St Truiden with a formal shareholding or directorship.

If the report is true then to flatly deny such influence when there is no formal connection with the club is frankly disingenuous and a barrier to any sensible minded person taking up any role with responsibility at the club.

The fact that Roland is doing this should be no surprise to Charlton fans.  Despite repeated assurances by the directors to the contrary we have seen the impact of Roland's meddling at the Valley.  The more this goes on, the greater the lack of credibility in the eyes of anyone looking at Charlton.  Given the alleged actions at St Truiden I doubt very much that any decent manager would want to join the club even if their contract gave specific assurances.  Perception is everything Roland!



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