Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Charlton Owner doesn't learn

The following statement appeared on the Charlton athletic club website on the evening of 16 March.  We are told from good sources that it comes directly from the owner :-

Its contents convey just what is wrong about our owner and his damaging approach to our club.  Roland Duchatelet seems to have a very short memory.  This was the man who owned Standard Liege where he sold star players and made other crass decisions in the day to day running of the football club.   The fans held mass protests, rioted in the ground and ransacked his office.  He promised more engagement with the fans and when this did not materialize the protests continued and eventually led to him selling it.

These are almost exactly the same measures that he is now introducing at Charlton and yet he can't seem to appreciate this extremely obvious point that he did it before and failed.  Liege supporters warned us Charlton fans what would happen when he bought the club and it has turned out to be true.

I like to think that Charlton fans are more civilized and inventive at protesting than the direct action taken by supporters in Belgium, and the protests at the Middlesbrough game show how effective they can be.  They create the right headlines in the local and national press to highlight our plight and get the message across.

We effectively have nine mini cup matches to stay up in the Championship and the team has my full support but I cannot see how anyone can back the owner in his crass running of the club.



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