Monday, 14 September 2015

The White Swan in Charlton Village

Good news for Charlton fans who enjoy a decent pint before (and after) the game.

  The White Swan in Charlton Village has re-opened under new management and if my sources are correct I understand that its run by the same people that own the Pelton Arms in Greenwich which is a smashing pub with a great beer selection.  If it's anything like the Pelton then the Charlton Village locals are very fortunate.

I popped in on Saturday before the Rotherham match with the former landlord of the Old Loyal Britons and a friend who flies down from Scotland to see the Addicks and we weren't disappointed.

The bar had a good selection with beers from the local Hopstuff Brewery, Caveman Brewery in Kent, Windsor & Eaton and Magic Bus cider.

Of course a pub only survives if we make the effort to visit so if you're in the area do pay it a visit.



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