Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Transfer tension or transfer tedium?

I'm getting bored of the January transfer window now.  Its disrupting my work as regular updates from the BBC sports day breaking news page and newsnow.com reveal that all our rumoured targets have gone elsewhere.

Wordsworth has gone to Ipswich, Rob Hulse (who I liked) has gone to Millwall and Villa haven't come in again for Stephens.  There were ugly rumours that Anton Ferdinand was going to join us but I am pleased that one didn't pan out.

Reasons for the lack of activity could be highlighted in the annual report which showed a high level of salaries to turnover and the following comment attributed to Michael Slater by @MiniFinchy on Twitter from the Charlton VIP supporters meeting that salaries for Frimpong, Hulse and Seabourne had ruined the budget.

I have already had my say, in a previous blog, that I would like to see George Boyd from Peterboro come in.  He is available and I don't believe he would be that expensive.  Having said that, with everyone fit I think we have a pretty decent team.

Oh well here's to February and lets give the Palace a stuffing on Saturday with our existing team !!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Random Charlton Athletic musings

I have stopped buying the Charlton programme until after the game on the basis that I am too miserable to read it if we lose which turned out to be the case on Saturday against Sheffield Wednesday.  Its a shame as the quality of the journalism by Matt Wright and colleagues is superb and shouldn't suffer because I am in a sulk.

I had no qualms about the way we played the game, the work rate and commitment was of a high standard and we did create our chances.  However, I can't say that I agree with Chris Powell's substitution policy.  Surely a pair of fresh legs would assist in retaining the ball better and preventing the opposition from creating chances.  Yann Kermogant's work rate is fantastic but as the lone striker he is absolutely knackered (that's an official footballing term by the way) by the end of the game.

On a brighter note its good to see Charlton women had a well deserved victory against an inform Watford team in the cup.  If you're not following @cafcwomen then please do - they only have 343 members at the time of writing this blog and we should get behind the whole football club, not just one team.

I am reasonably relaxed about the lack of transfer activity at the club given that we have a fully fit squad and I haven't been terribly excited about the names being banded around by the press and others in "the know".  If I were to suggest anyone then George Boyd at Peterboro is my pick.  He is a prolific goal scorer and is transfer listed and out of contract at the end of the season, but I fear that we don't have the funds to bring him in.

Also a big thank you to New York Addick (http://newyorkaddick.blogspot.co.uk/)  for his summary and great analysis of the Charlton accounts.  This is blogging at its best, providing new information via an interpretation of what the figures mean rather than regurgitating what others have already said (all too common in many of the blogs).

On a completely unrelated topic, I dug up an old Goodies DVD on Saturday.  I am probably showing my age but it is extremely humorous family viewing that is unlikely to insult anyone.  I was also surprised at how well it has stood the test of time.  So kids  put down Football Manager, forget about South Park and start learning about the Funky Gibbon.....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

May the Farce be with you - the power of Twitter

I am amazed at what people put on Twitter.  Either I am very naive or people seem to think they are impervious behind their smart phones and can abuse others in a manner that is downright rude if not criminal and which they would not even consider doing if it was done face to face.

I have admit that I am a Twitter user but my account is private and I tend to use it to read and enhance my experience of events such as football games rather than sound off.  I have already unfollowed one nameless sports person for their foul language abuse of others and showing off their bling.

Take for example that ball boy moment in the Swansea v Chelsea game.  Twitter simply erupted when that incident happened.  Within minutes the following has happened:-

(a) Chelsea FC official twitter account says "football has gone made"

(b) The lad in question is identified, his Twitter account appears to show that he was planning to slow things down and is then bombarded with abuse from people all round the world as well as getting over 85,000 new followers

(c) Jeremy Clarkson who has never shown the slightest bit of interest in any sport that does not involve more than 1 horse power gets involved

(d) I counted at least eight funny pictures and a doctored video showing Hazard laying into the lad big time.

(e) I also take my hats off to the Charlton players I follow on Twitter, they immediately knew the ball boy was faking and hamming things up.  I presume they see too much of this on the pitch already.

(f) By the following morning there were 18 parody accounts set up claiming to be the lad in question

In the end it all blows over - Hazard and said Ball Boy apologise to each other and South Wales boys in blue decide not to take any action.  Common sense appears to have prevailed all round.

The only good thing out of it was that I found Danny Baker and Teletext Alex's twitter accounts and am now a follower.

My views on the matter are not important, but I think Matt Holland (@mattholland8) got it about right  with the following tweet :-

"Massive over reaction to 'Ballboy Gate'.  Both parties were wrong and should feel embarrassed by it today.  Move on."
Despite all this I am still a fan of Twitter.  It is a great tool to spread the word and has done much to assist people to raise money for worthy causes and awareness for groups and individuals who deserve our attention.  So just a small plea to stick to mindless chatter, worthy opinion and mind your language !!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Welcome to one and all !

I've been meaning to do this for ages but only recently got my thoughts together.  I'm a Charlton fan living on the North side of the Thames, hence the name of my blog. Hoping to provide a bit of level headed insight into being a Charlton fan, good ports of call for real ale and reasoned opinion on the odd topic or two.

Kicking off, I had to go to the Channel Islands on Monday, which despite the snow and Network Rail's best efforts at not keeping the tracks de-iced I managed!  Gatwick airport is to be congratulated on their new boarding card scanners which undoubtedly sped up the check in process and  ensured that I made my flight.  However, I still have to have a moan about the endless and unnecessary meandering route that you have to take through the duty free to get to the departure lounge.  At eight in the morning alcohol and perfume are not a top priority on my mind.

Anyway, meetings in the Channel Islands were successful and gave me a chance to try out a libation in a local hostelry in St Peters Port, Guernsey where I found this little beauty
The pub in question was the White Hart run by Liberation brewery based in the Channel Islands.  Light in colour, hoppy and well looked after, I do recommend it.  Good menu at the White Hart too, with a mix of standard pub grub with a twist and more upmarket dishes with a nod to the local seafood.  It was a shame they did not have any of the other Liberation beers on tap at the time but I for one will be back.
If anyone is interested their range can be found here :-
Liberation Brewery's range of beers

Enjoy !